Life is a merging of the Immortal Soul and the Fleshy Mortal Vassal

Life as we know it is actually a process where our Immortal Soul is merged into our Mortal remains as a living , breathing human being.

We are entrusted with powers of sight, smell, hearing, feeling by touch and spiritual senses and the most important of all, the faculty of reasoning and thought.

We are not created for idle sport but in reality we have been entrusted by God to take care of ourselves and this earthly dominion.

We are also expected to take care of the other beings and creatures on Earth and to preserve the Earth for future generations by not destroying the delicate balance of life that Allah the Almighty has created for the whole of mankind and  earthly creatures.

When we die, the soul is taken away from our mortal remains and it is the living soul that experiences all the pains and tribulations of the throes of pain during Sakaratul Maut!

Will share more in the next post.





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